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There is no doubt that the scorching heat of Kolkata pushes us to install an air conditioning unit in our house or
business to battle the heat efficiently, which no other ceiling or pedestal fan can manage. But, when an air
conditioner starts to malfunction or suddenly stops operating, it causes significant inconvenience in your life, isn’t it?

In this situation, if you are looking for a reputed ac air conditioner repair center in Kolkata to solve the issue quickly
at an affordable rate, please feel free to contact Roy Repair Service immediately. With over 10 years of experience in
the AC service sector, our ac commercial repair technicians can take care of all your AC needs by identifying and
repairing the issue quickly at your doorstep and ensuring that you can enjoy the refreshing fresh air in your comfort!
Our ac general service includes AC repair, maintenance, and installation for all types (Window and Split) and brands
and we serve both residential and commercial clients in Kolkata.

Our mission is to offer the highest quality ac repair and maintenance services on time and within budget while
ensuring unparalleled customer service.

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Our AC Maintenance and Repair Services

AC Maintenance and Repair – If you notice that your air conditioner is not working properly, or it is making a lot of noise, leaking, not cooling adequately, or needs to refill gas, then contact us immediately to receive the best and most cheap ac air conditioner repair in Kolkata at your doorstep from a skilled technician.

AC Installation and uninstallation– Our ac maintenance and repair technicians are fully trained in installing and removing all types of windows and split air conditioners using the appropriate tools safely and effectively.

Why Choose Roy Repair Service for AC Repair

  • Experience – With over ten years of expertise in this field, our skilled ac air conditioner repair technician can
    resolve any issue regarding your residential or commercial AC in a timely and effective manner.
  • Employing the latest technological tools – We employ the most advanced tools available in today’s
    marketplace to diagnose your Air Conditioner problem and fix it promptly and efficiently.
  • Genuine spare parts – Being a reputed commercial AC repair service provider in Kolkata, we always offer
    genuine parts sourced from trusted suppliers to create a transparent bond with customers.
  • Warranty – To keep a positive relationship with our customers, we provide a standard warranty on all repair
  • Budget-friendly service charge – Our AC repair and maintenance service charges are quite affordable
    compared to the others.
  • Emergency service – We all know that any electronic device might malfunction at any time. Keeping this in
    mind, we are ready around the clock to make you be at ease during any emergency service requirement
    related to your AC.

If you have any queries related to our ac maintenance service, then please call us at 083359 03525 directly. We are always here to help you with the best possible solutions right away.

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